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La Couronne

Not Rated Yet Designer: Paula Arntzen
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Chandelier for downlighting application
Designed by Paula Arntzen
Dimensions: 15 inch diam. x 14-1/4 inch high / 38 cm diam x 36 cm high
Material: Striped Black & White plus Copper foiled PP layers
Maximum lamp rating is 60 watt incandescent or equivalent LED.
Tear, temperature and water resistant.
Handwashable care
Packaged in round tube. Electrical cord sold separately.
Weight: 2.5 lb

La Couronne, the crown, is an airy chandelier masterfully designed from thin copper foil and striped plastic materials. The reflective vertical strips around the two-tier lamp luminously display a burst of color and dimension, as its bulbous shape resembles the splendid chandeliers of stunning palace ceilings.

Lighting cord not included and sold separately below.
All cords are 15 Feet long (4.5 meters) provided with a plug and switch.
Alternatively all cords can be spliced and hard wired into a ceiling outlet.

Diameter: 15 in / 38 cm
Height: 14 in / 36 cm

Copper Laminated Polypropelyne

Units in box: 1
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