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Ropa Hanging Table Small

Not Rated Yet Designer: Studio Artecnica, Dos Riberas
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Born from an international collaboration between Artecnica and Dos Riberas, the Ropa collection comprising of a swing and two hanging tables is the latest addition to the Design with Conscience series. The collection combines elements handcrafted by Argentinian artisans and by Los Angeles based artisans. Ropa is a play of words based on the Spanish translation for “clothing” and the English term “rope”. Resembling a white cloud, the fluffy Swing seat floats in mid air suspended with two white cotton ropes embroidered with leather handles adorned with gold silk wrappings. Such delicate handcrafting techniques are typical of local Argentinian artisanal traditions and enhance an otherwise simple object. Utilizing the same craft techniques and details, the Small and Large Hanging Table echo the Swing design and can be used either as tables, displays or plant hangers. The tables incorporate hand-weaved rope hanging structures and use a white coated spun steel tray as table surface. Mounting hardware is provided for all designs for ease of installation. 


Diameter 12-1/4‘’(31cm)
Height 6’(183cm)

Cotton rope, sheep skin, silk, leather, wood, white coated steel 

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Los Angeles