Design w/Conscience is a program to manufacture and produce products in accordance with humanitarian and environmentally friendly principles, founded by Artecnica in 2002. Artecnica had invited talented designers of international fame to contribute new ideas to an ever expanding design collection and to team them with artisans in need around the world, invigorating commerce and assisting surrounding communities. The mission is to promote self-sustaining communities of talented artisans in underdeveloped countries. The model is simple: the value of artisan-made goods has always been appreciated. But with the globalization of trade, village artisans have become divorced from their traditional markets, insulating them from the potential demand for their craft. Artecnica’s vision is to introduce into the world’s artisanal communities two essential components: the designer and the project producer. The designer can dovetail the capacities of artisans with the needs of the international market-place. The project producer provides the logistics, marketing, and art direction necessary to bring the work of the designer and the artisan to the consumer. As the project producer, Artecnica partners with such nonprofit organizations as ‘aid to artisans’ and the ‘british council’. the challenge is to develop a competitive product that will encourage the survival of indigenous craft. Fulfilling this mission requires a smart designer, a savvy and visionary project producer, and a willing and ambitious artisan. Our objective is to avoid the mechanization of the artisan, which devalues his work and undermines the project from both a design and an economic standpoint. In accomplishing these goals they try to avoid the assembly line production, exploitation of third world labor, and displacement of workers that often results from monopoly-oriented marketing organizations with global reach.

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