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360 Booklight, Sweet home

Not Rated Yet Designer: Yusuke Oono
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Designed by Yusuke Oono
Ornamental mobile in finely laser cut grey and pink paper
Weight: .25 lb
Falt Packed

A charming and idyllic indoor and outdoor landscape appears as one discovers swings, picket fences, pets, family, gardens, and familiar house tools in this quintessential, sculptural mobile representation of the much loved “home, sweet home!” 

Closed Format
Length 4” (10 cm) 
Height 4” (10 cm) 
Depth 0.25” (0.6 cm) 

Open Format 
DI 8” (20 cm) 
Height 4” (10cm)

paper, string and hanging device

Units in box: 1
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