The Great Headquarter The Great Headquarter

Located in the West Hollywood area, the converted loft space creates an open space feel while creating areas of privacy for executive offices. Private offices were fully enclosed by using a dark bronze structural aluminum system with tempered glazing to achieve sound insulation while having no visual barriers.  Dressing rooms for the exclusive celebrities client base of the fashion styling firm The Great were realized by using a custom made folding/sliding doors system realized in honeycomb steel with blue tinted translucent fiberglass paneling. Again the dressing rooms appear or disappear allowing for barriers to come and go according to the needs.  A full height façade-wide glass storefront was created to open the front side of the space to the busy boulevard acting as a giant billboard to the outdoors while still being able to be screened from the public view by a roll-down shade for more intimate events or conferences. The project focused on creating a large uninterrupted minimalistic workspace with high ceilings sprinkled with a multitude of skylights that shower tons of southern California sunlight into the indooors. The objective was to create a workspace conducive to teamwork and collaborative endeavors for the new up and coming fashion startup.

Los Angeles