Sebastian International Headquarters Sebastian International Headquarters

State of the art multi-use facility hosts the headquarters of world famed avant-garde beauty and hair products firm Sebastian International. This completely custom made architectural and interior project features every facet of Artecnica multi-disciplinary approach to design. The facility includes product design with custom design lights, furniture design with custom designed chairs and organically shaped sofas and conference tables, environmental design of lobby areas with reception desks, architectural and interior design of office areas, a theater and hair training facility including free-standing styling stations complete of fold-out tables, mirrors and roll about cabinets. Landscape design of an atrium with a recreation of a rainforest environment featuring metal sculptures of man-made trees. Floor finishes design including mixed terrazzo techniques utilizing custom made metal ornaments, seashells and color concretes. This project set the basis and help developed the initial designs of a roll out program that brought about the development of over 300 international and domestic retail and merchandising shop within shops.

Los Angeles