DNA Spa & Resort DNA Spa & Resort

Proposed development of a large Spa resort to be developed in the Far East to address both the medical and entertaining needs of clients visiting from across the world. The resort would feature sustainable bungalow-style accomodations, holistic state of the art medical facilites with indoor-outdoor visiting rooms, a large Spa buidling with reclaimed glazed openings that screen the sun, redirect light and re-circulate air for the comfort of the guests and for energy savings. The center would address the patients health needs focusing on chinese alternative medicine and providing a place of retreat and relaxation all immersed in a seasonal ever changing landscape that features outdoor areas for yoga, exercise, tai-chi and other disciplines. A centrally located suatinable earth building would host healthy foods eating cafes, juice bars, conference halls and natural beauty care salons. Designed in collaboration by Studio Artecnica, Studio Tord Boontje, Joris Laarman and Demakersvan.

Los Angeles