Amanda Betz


Amanda Betz ,born in Denmark 1978. Danish designer Amanda Betz has just recently made her debut in the international world of design. Amanda graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Art and Architecture in 2005, where she was awarded the acclaimed VOLA-prize for her final project. Since her first days in grad school, Amanda has been working in her own field between art, design and architecture. Amanda Betz has exhibited in a selection of Galleries and Museums; recently as a part of the exhibition Lake of Fire at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, in Copenhagen. She has been teaching as an assistant professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture, for several years and has been awarded by the Danish Art Council numerous times. Recently Amanda was a jury member of the Danish Design Awards. She has worked for Claus Bjarrum Architects, the Danish art-duo Bosch & Fjord, and designer Astrid Krogh. In 2011 Amanda designed the pleated lamp shade Cassiopeia for Le Klint. Amanda’s design collages opposite ideas to create new understandings of what things are; it explores beauty and asks questions. Amanda’s latest design is ‘SHAYK’, a weaved lamp shade made for Artecnica.

Los Angeles